Recognitions & Awards

Recognitions and Awards

Recognitions & Awards

Certificate of appreciation from Military Dental Centre, Royal Army of Oman for participation in MDC Dental Open Day.

Appreciation from CSSD - Ibra hospital for participation in Third CSSD Conference 2012.

Recognition for participation in First GCC Orthopedic Association Congress, Muscat 1993.

Recognition from Armed Forces Medical Services, Sultan Armed Forces.

Recognition from Oman Expo LLC for participation in Med Health & Wellness exhibition 2009.

Recognition for participation in Oman International Dental Conference 2013.

Appreciation from DGHS, Governorate of Muscat for participation in Muscat Health Festival 2005.

Bahwan Pharmacy at Muscat Grand Mall received the “Best Pharmacy Award” from the Directorate General of Pharmaceutical Affairs & Drug Control.

Best Pharmacist award by Ministry Of Health, Annual Symposium on Good Pharmacy Practice 2019.