Bahwan Medical Supplies

Bahwan Medical Supplies

A major business division of Bahwan Healthcare Centre LLC, Bahwan Medical Supplies division represents several international medical supplies manufacturers and suppliers from whom it procures and supplies surgical instruments and consumables, medical equipment and devices, dental equipment & products, laboratory supplies, bio medical services, healthcare it and hospital furniture.

Representing some of the world's leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, BHC has earned a reputation for providing a wide spectrum of medicines from highly specialized niche products to the generic molecules for everyday use, coupling the much needed efficacy with economy. We have a dedicated team for quick registration of global pharmaceutical products with Ministry of Health, Oman that ensures availability of the latest products to meet the urgent needs of ailing patients.

Our state-of-the-art retail outlets ‘Bahwan Pharmacy' across the far corners of Oman sell a wide range of pharmaceutical products extending from prescription medicines to healthcare, consumer, cosmetic and hygiene products.

We meet the demands of institutions, Government & Private, with an excellent range of multi-disciplinary medicines and niche products for critical care.

We believe in putting the right products in the right hands. Our Surgical portfolio includes the leading manufacturers of top quality surgical consumables & instruments ranging from traditional surgical instruments to modern wound dressings. We are one of the leading suppliers for renal and cardiac care, surgical correction & fixation in orthopedics, general surgery, neuro, dental and ENT.

The Medical division consists of medical equipment, healthcare IT, hospital furniture and sanitizing equipment units.

In our continuous search to bring world-class medical technology to the healthcare sector in Oman, we have partnered with the leading manufacturers in the world to ensure the highest medical healthcare services to the citizens. Our core strength lies in supplying & maintaining medical equipment in the specialized areas of cardiology implants, radiology/ cardiology imaging including ultrasound scanners, computed tomography (CT) , magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) , echo cardiac systems, X-ray radiological and fluoroscopy, shockwave lithotripters for kidney stones, patient monitors, ECG machines, non-invasive BP systems, anesthesia machines, dialysis machines to name a few.

We deliver IT-intensive solutions & projects in partnership with major international companies for hospitals and healthcare establishments to transition from the analog film age to the filmless digital era. Our unique ability to supply laboratory information systems and clinical domain-specific software such as genetic management and clinical decision management software ensure seamless workflow and improvements in efficiency of our customers. BHC has successfully introduced picture archiving communication system (PACS) /radiology information system (RIS) in Oman by partnering with the largest PACS/RIS/HIS companies following worldwide standards like HIPAA, DICOM, HL7. Replacement of printed films with digital diagnostic workstations and unique patient ID fully integrated with the hospital information system (HIS) ensure huge savings on costs for hospitals.

Our clear understanding of the complex requirements of physicians and surgeons for specialized furniture enable us to excel in providing customized solutions with extensive accessories to address their specialized needs. Our comprehensive range of furniture sourced from international manufacturers include operation theatre tables, hospital beds, ward furniture such as emergency patient trolley, examination couch for obstetrics and gynecology, birthing tables, day-care procedure tables, OT lights and clustered examination lights.

We provide full range of therapy and procedural innovation solutions from the leading US based medical device manufacturer with focus on Structural Heart, Coronary stents, Endovascular therapy, peripheral Vascular, Cardiac Rhythm Disease management, ENT & Neuro surgery, Neuro-modulation and Diabetes management (Insulin Pump Therapy)

As one of the leading suppliers of top quality lab diagnostic products in Oman, our Laboratory division caters to customers from the medical laboratory diagnostics and industrial segments by representing reputed principals who are worldwide leaders in medical laboratory domain known for supplying high quality products and services. To support the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of critical departments we ensure timely supplies through advance planning and round-the-clock service & application support.

We are ranked as one of the leaders in dental equipment in the institutional sector. With more than 80% installation base we represent internationally reputed manufacturers with products that complete the dental chair set up. Our product range includes dental hand pieces, air and electric motors, air compressor and suction systems, dental X-ray, image plate scanners, OPG systems, digital CBCT-3D dental imaging systems and dental consumables. Our partnership with the leading manufacturer of dental furniture enables us to provide a wide range of products from dental simulation units, medical graded floor & wall mounted cabinets, shelves, modular trays, dental lab benches, structures, frames, lamps, worktops, sinks to name a few. Our team of well-trained & certified engineers support and maintain the dental installations to ensure reliability and longevity of dental equipment.

Our team of specialized biomedical professional engineers provide technical support, application training and troubleshooting solution for maintenance of biomedical equipment like ultrasound, dental systems, X-ray equipment, anesthesia machines to name a few. Our fully equipped service centre has the necessary test instruments / tools as well as comprehensive service documentation library with constant stock of spares to ensure reliability & quality of our supplies to our valuable customers.

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