Bahwan Medical Centre

Bahwan Medical Centre

Bahwan Medical Centre (BMC) is part of Bahwan Healthcare Centre LLC- a flagship company under the well-known Suhail Bahwan Group Holding LLC- the largest privately held business entity in Oman with business that cover almost every aspect of our lives.

Bahwan Healthcare Centre is proud to be an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Started about 30 years ago as a clinical facility to take care of the Group's 20000 plus employees, BMC is now open to public fully licensed by Oman's Ministry of Health with its state-of-the art facilities and modern equipment and laboratories and expert doctors offering treatment in disciplines such as;

  • Orthopedics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pediatrics
  • Family Medicine and
  • General medicine
  • Laboratory
  • Radiology
  • IDD Therapy

On an average around 300 patients visit our clinics daily and are seen by a team of experienced doctors consisting of specialists (Orthopedic, Pediatrics, Family Medicine) and male and female general practitioners. Additionally, a doctor-on-call is available on phone to provide assistance in case of any medical emergency occurring during off clinic hours. There is a support team of experienced paramedics consisting of male and female staff nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, radiographer and physiotherapist.

Our main clinic located in Ghala has modern laboratory equipped with Cobas c311 biochemistry analyzer and Sysmex XN 350 hematology analyzer 5 parts with facilities to do almost all the biochemistry and hematology tests.

There is an advanced Toshiba BLR 1000A unit along with Agfa CR 30 X digital processor for doing digital radiography. A full-fledged physiotherapy department is equipped with computerized pelvic and cervical traction unit, IFT and shortwave diathermy. Besides providing outpatient services, there is a well-equipped treatment room with four beds for day care/short stay, minor procedures and first-aid/basic trauma and emergency care. Clinic is also equipped with Datospir Micro C Spirometer and audiometry-Sibel Sound 400 AO Sibel med.

Bahwan Medical Centre, Ghala, is now offering specialized non-surgical treatment for spine disorders including disc herniation, bulging disc, disc compression and acute or chronic conditions of the spine.

Equipped with modern technology and latest machines, our well trained doctors and physiotherapists use, custom-designed, non-surgical medical treatment protocol that ensures excellent results for patients.

IDD Therapy is unique non-surgical technology providing decompression therapy to the spine in a series of treatment sessions that are specifically and individually designed by the physician for each patient. We use Accu-SPINA™ system for IDD Therapy, the most advanced, non-invasive, spinal treatment device that targets the specific problem of disc.

Intervertebral Differential Dynamics Therapy
- Reduces pressure on the vertebral joints
- Promotes retraction of herniated discs
- Promotes rehabilitation and self-healing of damaged discs
- Relieves low back pain
- Rehabilitates soft tissues
- Realigns spine structure
Bahwan Medical Centre's IDD protocol consists up to 15 treatment sessions over a period of 8 weeks.

Our physicians have a vast experience with the pharmacological approach to chronic pain conditions and are able to prescribe and monitor these special pain medication regimes. Each patient’s need is individually assessed and a custom-tailored medication and treatment plan is administered to patients.

Bhawan Medical Centre
Tel. No: +968 24593291/ 24593437/ 60/ 71

Bahwan Medical Centre - Azaiba

Building No.68 (Ground & Mezzanine Floor)
Way No. 5007 Ghala, Muscat.
Opp. Oman Human Rights Commission

Tel. No: +968 24593291/ 24593437/ 60/ 71
Fax No: +968 24593294

Bahwan Pharmacy - Azaiba
Building No.68, Ground Floor,
Way No. 5007 Ghala, Muscat.
Opp. Oman Human Rights Commission

Tel : +968-24593429
FAX : +968-24659778

Bahwan Medical Centre - Azaiba

Building No.68, Ground Floor
Way No. 5007 Ghala, Muscat.
Opp. Oman Human Rights Commission.

Tel: +968-24593429
Fax No: +968-24659778

Bahwan Pharmacy - Muscat Grand Mall

Shop No :G191 (Opp. Carrefour)
Muscat Grand Mall,
Bldg: A/30, Street No:235,
Bowshar, Muscat.

Tel: +968-24396118

Bahwan Pharmacy - Oasis Mall

Shop No :1020, Oasis Mall,
Madinat As Sultan Qaboos street.
Al Khuwair, Muscat.

Tel: +968-24605922

Working Hours
Sunday to Thursday:
07:30 am to 8:00 pm
Saturday: 08:00 am to 01:00 pm
& Friday Closed
24593437/ 24593460/ 24593471
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